Holiday Accommodation Javea Spain

There are hundreds of properties to Rent in this glorious location Many of the properties are self catering.

At Rent In Group we offer only the very best properties. We have many repeat customers. In fact once you have rented, the freedom and relaxation experienced will stay with you for life!

We have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom and 5+ bedroom properties available:

Homes - Outskirts, Old Town, Port and The Arenal 

Please find a property from the VJ reference numbers below or type your VJ reference number into the search bar:

Kerrie, 2 Bedroom VJ1
Narranjo, 2 Bed VJ2
George, 3 Beds VJ3
Lukas, 3 Bedroom VJ4
Pomello, 3 Bed VJ5
Jazmine, 3 Beds VJ6
Elefante, 4 Bedroom VJ7
Tia, 4 Bed VJ8
Ana, 5 Beds VJ9
Mango, 5 Bedrooms VJ10
Casita, 2 bed VJ11
Jumilla, 2 Beds VJ12
Alanna, 2 Bedroom VJ13

AJR reference numbers
Lidoner, 5 Bedrooms AJR1
Hills, 4 Bedroom plus sofa bed. AJR2
Bache, 2 to 7(Seasonal dependant) AJR3
Tropicana, 4 Bed Luxury Villa close to Old Town AJR4
Bonita, 4 Beds (Sleeps up to 10 people) AJR5
Sella, 4 Bedrooms (Sleeps up to 10 people) AJR6
Ellen, 4 Bedroom AJR7
Florres, 4 Bed AJR8

Please find a property from the AJR reference numbers below or type your AJR reference number into the search bar:

We have 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed, 4 bed and 5+ bed properties in this section

Las Ladera, 5 Beds Self Catering AJR10
Almoro, Self catering with privat Pool AJR11
Casa Montgo Palms, 4 Bedrooms with private pool AJR13
Casa Palms, 4 Bedroom with swimming pool AJR14
Casa Angela, 3 Bed with private swimming pool AJR15
Casa Annabella, 4 Beds with swimming pool AJR16
Casa Chimeneas, 6 Bedrooms with private pool AJR17
Casa Higuera, 3 Bedroom with swimming pool AJR18
Casa La Finca, 4 Bed with private gardens and pool AJR19
Casa Oasis, 3 Beds with private swimming pool AJR20
La Arabesque, 4 Bedrooms with private garden and pool AJR21
Las Fonts, 2 Bedroom (sleeps 7) with pool AJR22
Madrigal, 5 Beds with pool AJR24
Golden Valley, 3 Bed with swimming pool AJR25
Casa Rosa, 4 Bedrooms AJR26
Casa Tosalet, 3 Bedroom AJR27
Evelina, 2 Bed AJR28
Juanita, 3 Beds with private swimming pool AJR29
La Joya Del Mare, 2 Bedrooms with private pool AJR30
Monte Puchol, 6 Bedroom with Pool AJR32
Luna, 5 Beds AJR33
Rio Turia, 4 Bed with Pool AJR34
Almar, 3 bedrooms with private pool AJR35
Vina, 2 Bedroom AJR36
Vincente, 4 Bed with pool AJR37
Suzanna, 3 Beds with privae swimming pool AJR38
Soleil Lanta, 4 Bedrooms with pool AJR39
Sol, 5 Bed with pool AJR40

Please find a property from the PR reference numbers below or type your PR reference number into the search bar:

Floridamarr Apt, 3 Bedroom Holiday Apt PR1

Lee Apt, Ground floor, 3 Bedroom Apt PR2

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